SEO content writing is the art of writing content for your blog and website. With article marketing tips, we can easily combine effective content with appealing advertisement and then link it to the Google friendly strategy. SEO is referred to as Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO Content Writing?

Effective SEO content will surely get your website page indexed. It is very complex to your success in online business and very essential that every website page and blogs must be crawled by search engine algorithm before the site could be ranked or visible to the potential customers. Without the right SEO content, it will be too hard for the search engine to crawl your web page and will be too difficult to see your website among the top website on search engine results. Before you can write a good SEO content, you must follow the guideline that surrounds it.

How Google Scan Work On SEO Article

Writing SEO article is all about relevant information on the topic of the chosen for their SEO article web page. Google scans every post and page in your site base on its own merit and here is how it works. Firstly, when a website is created, Google is persuaded to crawl or spider it. Algorithm or Google bot which is referred to as the complex statistical mathematical formula will then scan the whole content on your website. The URL of each of the web page is indexed based on the content found on the page. When somebody makes a search on Google, the listing algorithm establishes the importance of the web pages to the keywords by using LSI algorithm. LSI (latent semantic indexing) will then use the search term (keywords) used in the SEO article writing and the relevance of the semantic of your vocabulary. Then, the entire ranking algorithm will rank your web page base on the information in addition to huge number of the other factors such as Meta data. In your ranking, you will be listed in Google search result pages base on the keyword used for your search.

Writing and Importance of SEO Articles

The main key to internet marketing is writing of SEO articles. SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. It has become so important in the aspect of web content. As a business owner that has website, it is very important to make your website visible among the numerous website on the first page on search engine list.

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